Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Black Vatican Video // Oceanic Feelin'

RSTB faves Black Vatican appeared a few years ago on our first compilation. Now heres the first new glimpses of their upcoming album Oceanic Feelin'

From Andy Roche of Black Vatican:

Black Vatican has a new LP coming out soon. The new LP will be called Oceanic Feelin'. The LP reflects our interests over the last couple of years, for me, the big influence is Colette Magny. Her record "Repression" is an amazing political record, sort of free jazz, and maybe "extended chanson", if there is such a thing. Owen has really gotten deep into micro-tonal stuff and that's sort of hiding out in a lot of the songs. We started as a rock band, we got interested in dread and the stuff got electronic, and now I don't know, this new LP is sort of about fear, cosmic scaled fear.